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About us

 Starting with 2019, First Class Group increases its product portfolio by becoming a partner and sole importer of Tinbot Technology GmbH products from Germany.

   First Class Group is the first company from Romania that participated in the SMAEB exhibition from April 19-21, 2019, at Romexpo with a stand of over 100 square meters, representing the brands: Tinbot, Horwin and Super SOCO.

  Our goal is to actively contribute to the development of electric mobility in Romania, by selling as many electric vehicles as possible. The products sold are of premium quality, reliable and easy to use. We sell a varied range of 2022 and 2023 models that will appear in Europe and are also available to customers in Romania.

   The vehicles sold are aimed at people who have the skills to drive a two-wheeled vehicle. The category to which our products belong are: L1e, L3e or those that can be driven without a license. More and more people are abandoning four-wheeled vehicles in favor of two-wheeled ones for greater mobility and zero-emission pollution. Our customers are both individuals of all ages and commercial companies from various fields of activity. (pizza delivery, postal courier, real estate, etc...)

   The First Class Group company has service with qualified personnel specialized in electric vehicles, offering customers products and services of superior quality.

   At the European or global level, two-wheeled electric vehicles have grown at an increasing rate. We are convinced that the future belongs to electric mobility. Innovations, quality and reliability play an important role.
We truly believe in a better future. Therefore, we put considerable effort into making this world a better place by selecting products with low ecological footprints.

  We want to expand the collaboration with motorcycle and car dealers, in order to promote electric vehicles on two wheels as much as possible.

  Any successful business needs serious partners and strong relationships. To maintain our position, we maintain continuous communication with all our partners and are here to help you in any kind of problems.

Administrator and founder - Cristian Ionescu
First Class Group founded in 2001, RO 13986340

Importator unic in Romania - Tinbot Technology GmbH
RO 13986340 / 2001
Dealeri: Evmotorbike - Showroom si Service
Str. Catanoaia Nr. 33, Sector 3, cod postal 032903 Bucuresti (Romania)
+40 751 519 940 Cristi office@evmotorbike.ro, www.evmotorbike.ro
evoMAG  adresa Showroom:
Splaiul Unirii, nr. 257-259, Sector 3, București, Cod poștal: 030137
SHOHROOM strada Avrig nr.14, sector 2, Bucuresti
0766.530.307 - Olguta Costea contact@electricsociety.ro, www.evcheck.ro
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